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The BAL33 MIA Cult Member YouTube Love Stories

by Kevin Gilbert May 4 2021 May the Fourth be with you

We Found The Cheat Codes to Life

36 year climb to Peace and Happiness

Kevin and Nina's story of living together (shacked up) for 36 years and going through two end of the world cult situations, poor health and questions about the mixed up world.

End of the World / Covid Love Story

Did you see the city listed at the top? Burns, Oregon. Deserts, mountains, 7000 people and no city for two and a half hours in any direction. We got here by paying Brian Austin Lambert and Kimberly Giordano, our cult leaders. (Noteworthy for their free and paid websites about the end of civilization by The Plasma Apocalypse - under Youtube monikers BAL33 and Mia's New Pair of Glasses).

However, we were the first of two that paid and actually moved here. Eventually all the members of the cult were suddenly abandoned by our leaders right in the middle of Covid! And without a trace or a good bye. That story of the cult and us and the cult members is here. Our happy ending story is below, your choice, or read both!

At the end of the BAL33 cult thing and a year into Covid, we found observable patterns and codes in ourselves, the world and even the letters and numbers that were instrumental in finding the courage to fall in love after a 36 year relationship of battling and conveniences. We joined more than one conspiracy theory or end of the world cult along the way! We found simple observations led to discoveries that were always there. These 'codes' answered pretty much all our questions. They can be applied to any individual, couple, family or groups small and large. And it is all free.

Turns out, my world traveler partner and I shacked up and live together continuously for 36 years, we never fell in love with each other until the Co Vid 1-9 pandemic! Never said I love you with any intent ( a couple times we tried) until April 2021.

We have learned that we live in a land of real and imagined. The falling in love part happened after we put some final pieces together, in April 2021. Seems at the start of our times together in 1986, we had gauged each others Heart and Pain levels. I had been a raging storm for 26 years. A rider on the storm. I had been abandoned for the umteenth time in 1985 - Father, Mother die. Wife splits. Landlord throws all my possessions on street, I am homeless at 25, for the second time.

My future soul mate - Nina ~ world traveler, is unknown to me but she is living large with well to do intellectuals/professors of Ivy League universities. She had serious lost at sea issues for 15 years since 9 years old (1971) mostly unresolved and replaced with bad imprints to handle everyday situations, oh boy, we said when reviewing all this.

We met about 6 months later, passing in a public arcade. We stopped to look at each other, a moment or two of silence, then a big hug and kiss without a word! Kismet and love at first sight with much confusion to start and ahead.

Her emotional battles stymied her logic and brain power but her Heart was Gold and bigger than Life. I knew, even at my state of confusion back then, to never let go! Thank God, she felt the same. We knew we could rely / lean on each others giant Hearts and possibly unravel each others abandonment, guilt and confusion about the world Issues, ourselves and maybe, find true love?, if that was even possible (so we felt then). Both of us realized we could use each other as Life Preservers, so to speak.

Part Two

Around 2010 we heard something like a distant call from Mother, something from inside us and around us, from Earth herself. We saw this happening all around and to other people too. We investigated every end of the world and conspiracy theory.

We 'mini-culted' ourselves for the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse. We culted ourselves for the 2018-2021 plasma apocalypse. We were part of the BAL33 / MIA cult for those 3 years and it put 100s of pieces together with our careful observation and analytics. We uprooted and sold everything we had both times. An entire 'getting culted' stories are shared on these pages. The tribulations of getting in and out of a cult or a set way of setting up enemies.

Turns out we are all 'trained' early and often to pick a side. More on that later.

We met a ton of fascinating and loving, beautiful people on our journey and built on that toward a greater respect and awe for each other, ourselves, all  individuals and all living things.

We found solutions. The remedies had never worked. We found solutions to all the pain we had carried and shouted at each other and absorbed for each other. Our Hearts always won the battles but where was the solution.

As we fell in love and at the same time all the answers to our entire lives were coming together. Solutions for us and the same solutions work for anyone. Blemishes like climate change and co vid 1-9 can be resolved. Unhappiness can be a distant memory. We all can live today, for today. It is possible.

Part Three

Our love and pain story is an evolution of our journey to falling in Love after 36 years while being heavily invested in decoding the world around us, as it was changing.

This includes finding clues and feedback and eventually applying logic to said feedback. This foundation led us toward a balance of heart, brain and logic. We found out that we are real flesh and blood masterpieces and are a part of something. Something big. We had been following a make believe world for feedback and validation.

We faced each other in pain and anger, for 36 years and received tons of feedback from each other and eventually saw the Logic and Love in ourselves and all things. We must be very stubborn! This is an exciting and happy story to end all wars and unhappiness.

We had, with comfort/convenient consumables, self poisoned ourselves for many years due to hiding pain, giving pain and self loathing.

A big change in our health and relationship happened in 2010 when we changed our food choices and started preparing them together. We saw each other more everyday and the actions we were taking "toward" each other was working. We were still shielding ourselves from in person relationships and filling the void with TV and Youtube. 

We knew to keep each other close to form a 'constant' for each other. A security blanket. It became a daily routine to see each other and be with each other everyday to prepare fresh meals together. We were now sharing our feedbacks from each other and it was a 'constant' in our lives. All the 'data' we had gathered we were building on, we found common questions and discussions. More time facing each other every day.

The feedback from each other led us to sharing more with each other and the solutions were coming to both of us. We then recognized that we developed calculating and thinking from touching each others brains and hearts. The remedy band aids were being taken off and we were working with action and solutions. The magic of that feels like the Love we have for each other today. We were still in the battle, though.

Part Four

Around 2015 to 2016, we gave up restaurants, anything with a beating heart in it/meat, all wheat, boxed food and outside beverages. We cleaned ourselves and our blood. Mostly with fruit juice smoothies and salads for 4+ years continuously. We really felt the need to clean out our system. It brought strength, peace and clarity. And we have been mostly stress free and 100% disease free and colds/flu free since back then, Added strength and endurance. So it works. We had enough trust in each other to 'go for it'. Tons of data about the body and how it works we had downloaded into our Brains. Tons more info on the food distribution systems and ingredients. We had the encouragement of our knowledge and will power.

On 3.13 2019 President Trump declared a coronavirus / Covid 19 national emergency. Since then we have come to know it is real. CO VID 1-9 is a real thing, as confusing as all the messages are, it is a real part of our lives. We also know that climate change and disasters are also real. And that - apocolypses / sun deviation are not proven. (except in make believe) And cyborging people is not real (except in make believe).

We know the real things are you and me, the living Earth, covid and climate change. The others are made up. A million and one made up stories to validate our misconceptions. But the code to validate Me and You is everywhere. The same code to end all war and death. The code is everywhere. Read around here.

We have discovered from our journey of loving each other and studying the world that it is indeed in self repair, with the Earth and Us as a team in charge. Earth is a living organism made of living things and it is repairing itself. 

We also learned from looking at each other, we were no longer staring at the TV or Smarts Phony or Apple radiate me pad on my lap. we added Shungite and wifi removal. Turned out we were more poisoned by the make believe stories on the TV and phone than the wifi caused. The suggestions are thousands of times worse than the real or logical things. So, avoiding the TV, Youtube and smarts Phonie is highly effectual. I recommend we all chuck them forever.

We need to solve this, Earth's and our people's healing and repairing issues. Together from our homes, we have the answers. We can help by discussing it with each other. Together, all of us have been in our separate corners learning literally all there is to know. Now, we put humpty dumpty back together.

With using feedback, changing our diet, how we look at our body/being and unraveling the seemingly complex world that is actually quite simple to unravel.

We realized we had both been carrying pain from our past and what we came to understand as pain around us and pain that came before us. We saw we had become overloaded with everything and had been using comforting / numbing / stimulating behavior and diet. This is our list of what we removed or we currently face head on:

Mental and Emotional Suggestion via TV/YT/Smartphone

Poison via bad food / beverage choices

Pain and misery from giving pain and death to 10's of thousands of animals who have identities and feel pain, per second, worldwide.

Products that are made from 'mistreated workers', including rare materials that are dangerous and cause much misery.

Plastic An army of toxins.

Facing away from Death. Not looking at it. Not understanding it.

All these mass made items and humans / animals killed are an overload to our Earth, Heart, Brain, and Emotional Balance. It requires pain shielding through comfort food, giving others pain and various illogical or make believe thoughts and actions. A host of blemishes seeming complex with the simplest of answers. All this stimulation is akin to a pulsing and jagged wave. Living Earth runs on smooth, undulating and continuous waves.

The solution to all the issues raised here is realizing we have a Brain that calculates with a mind that can use logic or illogic. (We have all the data we need!)

Part Five

The heart is also a brain (30,000 heart dedicated neurons have been found) but needs no mind as it it is only based on logic. Over time our various behaviors have led to a distance between the Heart's Logic and the Brain/Mind. When we turn our focus more to the Heart / Logic and every thing Logical, all the pain including end of the world scenarios, apocalypses, climate change, co vid 1-9 and killing, all go away and we are left with Joy. The day and manner of our death no longer matters. We live every moment in the Now.

We have repaired ourselves and our relationships at home. We fall in love at home. We start at home, the only place to build from.

We looked at and studied each other's big Hearts long enough to realize we each had one and it was beating every moment of every day. That moment, we fell in love, with each other and all living things, the Earth and the Source of Everything.

Our Hearts were noticed and realized and all the calculating and data collecting we had done both independently and together was really merging into more than we had ever dreamed. But it did feel like remembering also.


We learned from staying on each other for 36 years how real and perfect each other was and ourselves were. We immediately translated it to all living things. With all we had unraveled with careful study of the world, we understood everything good, bad and indifferent. And it all made sense. The details are found on these pages of our story and what we found about humanity going back to the beginning and where we are headed.

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Thera - Th Era - Thought Era

Heart means Human Energy ART

Earth means Energized ART for Humanity

Aether means Air Energy

The Ra means The Sun or The Heart

The Eye of Ra is the Pineal Gland in the Brain

"Thera", an honor term for senior, fully ordained Himalyan Buddhist monks; traditionally one ordained for 10 or more years.

Thira means a wave (vibrations).

Thera was an island until it erupted, formerly Atlantis per Plato. Home of the first language known as PI E Language 

Thera was renamed after the volcano there had the largest eruption in human history.

Th─ôra in Latin spelling is pronounced "tear ah" (Terra?) . (Maybe they were in a big tree?)

Today it is called Santorini.